Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Surveys:

A handy guide containing comprehensive detail and visual assessment for coatings evaluation.

Covering the following:

  • Coating Surveys
  • Estimation of Percentages
  • Common Defects
  • Dry Film Thickness Surveys
  • Field Tests and Laboratory Analysis
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Health & Safety
  • Passive Fire Protection and Standards and Test Methods.

Fitz’s Atlas Special Offer:

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Fitz’s Atlas 2 of Coating Defects:

Understand coating defects with Fitz’s Atlas 2, providing a detailed visual guide with a description of the defect, probable causes, how to prevent it and how to repair it.

Covering the following:

  • Welding Faults
  • Surface Conditions
  • Coating and Application Defects
  • Microscopy
  • Marine Fouling and an Appendix with Breakdown Scales
  • Paint characteristics, Paint Compatibility
  • Calculations and Formulae

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